Troubleshooting the ribbon - UCI style


The customization of the Dynamics 365 ribbon is often done through the Ribbon Workbench1, which removes the need to manually edit the RibbonDiff.xml. However, if you only need to troubleshoot why a (customized) button on the ribbon is not behaving like it should (or not showing at all), there might be a quicker way introduced in the Unified Client Interface (UCI):

  1. Open a record from the entity in the UCI.
  2. Append the following to the URL &flags=FCB.CommandChecker=true&ribbondebug=true.

Your URL should now resemble the following format: https://<organization><appid>&pagetype=entityrecord&etn=<entity>&id=<recordid>&flags=FCB.CommandChecker=true&ribbondebug=true.

That is all, the form should now display the Command checker button.

UCI Command checker button UCI Command checker button

This new button opens a dialog that enables you to do diagnose all button and command properties without the need to fire up the Ribbon Workbench.

UCI Command checker UCI Command checker

The command properties tab lets you double check all actions, enable and display rules to quickly troubleshoot your problem.

UCI Command properties Command properties

More information

  1. The Ribbon Workbench is a product developed by Develop1, and is also included as a plugin for XrmToolbox. ↩︎


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